Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

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Feeling stressed? Keep a Spirit Quartz in your pocket to dispel any fears, anxieties, and worries. Here's why and how it works

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Balance. Harmony. Guide you back to your center. This stone is designed to help you heal during times of growth and will help guide your spirit to help reach spiritual growth and enlightenment. It heavily focuses on spiritual evolution, which is why it gives you a great feeling of connectedness. ⁣

HOW TO USE: When you meditate with the Spirit Quartz, it will channel high frequencies and light sources that lead to greater concentration, insight and deeper clarity. ⁣

(1) One Spirit Quartz Cluster will be intuitively selected for you, crystals will vary slightly in colour, shape and size. Spirit Quartz Clusters are approximately 1.5-2'' inches each.