Witches Brew Crystal Scoop đź‘»
Witches Brew Crystal Scoop đź‘»

Witches Brew Crystal Scoop đź‘»

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This listing is for one randomly selected 1/3 cup scoop of Witches Brew Crystal Mix 👻

Please note not every scoop will contain each kind of crystal included/listed in the Witches Brew Scoop as they are all mixed together at random. Below is a list of possible crystals you may receive in a 1/3 cup scoop of the Witches Brew Crystal Mix.

Carnelian Small Tumbled Stones - Apache Tears - Sunstone Chips - Garnierite Small Tumbled Stones - Orange Calcite Small Tumbled Stones - Hematite Chips - Zebra Chips - Moonstone Chips - Gold Sheen Obsidian Small Tumbled Stones - Dream Amethyst Small Tumbled Stones - Peach & Black Moonstone Small Tumbled Stones - Dream Amethyst Worry Stones - Opalite Worry Stones - Goldstone Worry Stones - Howlite Coffin Carvings - Black Tourmalated Quartz Beaded Rings - Carnelian Wire Wrapped Pendants - Amethyst, Moonstone, Gold Sheen Obsidian Tiny Spheres - Orange Calcite Bracelets - Larvikite Bracelets -  Hematite Bracelets - Dream Amethyst Bracelets - Clear Quartz Chips - Tiny High Grade Sunstone Pumpkin Carvings!

Each scoop will come packaged in a reusable holographic pouch! 👻 No crystal identification cards are included with the Witches Brew Scoop. All sales are final. The first picture in this listing is the current batch of Witches Brew we are scooping from. The last photo is an example of a 1/3 cup scoop of the witches Brew Mix. Perfect for Halloween!