About Crystal Vibes

Welcome - I'm so thankful you're here!

I'm Emma, the creator behind the shop.

Crystals were introduced into my life about five years ago. I worked at a local jewelry shop that sold beautiful crystal jewelry set in sterling silver. I would spend my days reading all about crystals and their metaphysical and scientific properties. I quickly became very connected to crystals and their magnificent vibrations. Since then, my love and passion for sourcing beautiful and affordable crystals manifested into Crystal Vibes Inc! It has been an honour to scale Crystal Vibes with you over the past several years. This beautiful community has grown into a safe, inclusive healing space for everyone and I hope you join us - whether it be at an Instagram Live Sale, in the comment section on our Instagram posts or at our studio!
Thank you so much for visiting my shop! I hope you enjoy your time looking and reading all about these magical treasures! Please follow us on Instagram @crystal.vibes to join our weekly live sales!
Sending you love, strength, healing and positive vibes
Emma Kok
Founder & Owner