Instagram Live Sale Rules

How to Claim/Purchase an Item

All crystals are labelled with a number (which is the price), a letter or both; To claim an item, comment, VIBE or WILLOW, the price of the item and letter.  For example, if the label on a crystal says 20C. The price is $20.  To claim you would simply type:  VIBE 20C
  1. The first person to comment correctly claiming the crystal on the Crystal Vibes screen will be the “winner”. Please note that your Instagram will most likely always show your comment as first on your screen.
  2. Instagram:  What can we say, sometimes your comments will get blocked.  If this is happening to you, we suggest you log off and log back in.  We also suggest you add an emoji to your claim, this sometimes helps. 
  3. Invoices are posted here on our website under the "Live Sale Invoices" heading. Payment is due within 24 hours.
  4. After you pay your invoice, your purchases will be shipped (If you selected a shipping method at the checkout). Packages are usually dropped off to our shipper on Thursday afternoons.
If you have questions about your invoice, please send us an email at You will get the quickest response if you send an email opposed to a DM via Instagram.
Failure to pay may/will result in you being blocked and unable to participate in future sales. Please note you must be 16 years of age to participate in a Crystal Vibes live sale.


If you have ever tuned in to a Crystal Vibes live sale before, we are sure that you can appreciate that due to the fast pace nature of the sale, and the number of comments being made, things get a little hectic at times.
In order to be able to cover everything on the table during a live sale and to keep things moving along, please note that during live sales:
  • please keep track of your purchases, we will no longer be showing or DM'ing photos of your purchases during live sales. After the live sale, you can re-watch the sale and screenshot your purchases;
  • please, please, no trades or put backs. In fairness to other crystal lovers, please remember that by claiming a crystal, you are committing to purchase it. If you committed to buying the crystal, that means in all likelihood someone else did not get it.
  • please do not claim items that have not been shown yet
  • we cannot answer DM’s sent during a live sale. All messages will be answered the next day following the live sale.
  • we strive to answer all DM’s within 48 hours. Although, due to the high volume of DM’s which we receive, this is sometimes not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?
We are located in a suburb just East of Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Why do we charge is US Dollars? 
We charge in US Dollars as we are purchasing crystals in US Dollars.
When is payment due?
Payment is due 24 hours after your invoice has been sent.  For a live sale on Wednesday, usually invoices will be posted in the afternoon on Thursday, which makes them due on Friday afternoon.  If you get paid on Friday night, we would be more than happy to extend payment till Saturday morning for you.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are offered through Instagram Live Sales only. If your invoice is $250 or more you are eligible for a payment plan. This means you would pay 50% of your total invoice within 24 hours of claiming the crystal(s), then you will have three weeks to pay the remaining 50% of the invoice balance in full. Payment plans are completed in two payments. Once the invoice is paid in full your package will ship. *Please Note* the initial 50% deposit is non refundable, if you do not complete payment in full at the end of the three weeks your payment plan will be cancelled. 
Shipping Prices
If you spend $75, FREE SHIPPING (Canada and USA Only)
Shipping Rates To The USA & Canada
Flate Rate $9.75 USD 
International Shipping
(Singapore, Europe, Australia)
 Under 10oz---$24