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Red Aventurine Chip Bag

Red Aventurine Chip Bag

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Introducing our Crystal Chip Bags – a kaleidoscope of vibrant energy in the palm of your hands!

Customize Your Space: Enhance the energy of your living spaces by placing crystal chips in bowls, vases, or around your home. Let the colors and vibrations of these crystals radiate positive energy, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Crystal Grid Creations: Unleash your creativity by designing beautiful crystal grids. Combine different crystal chips to amplify intentions, manifest goals, or simply to add an artistic touch to your sacred space.

Each Red Aventurine chip bag is filled with approximately 2 oz of petite, polished chips. Please note that the color and size of each crystal may vary slightly, adding a touch of unique charm to your collection. The bag itself measures 3.5'' x 2''.